Try downloading the app Drunk Mode, which will block a number for 12 hours at a time. It’s exhausting to deal with things you’ll inevitably despise the next day. . 9AWEWP.

I can t bring myself to block him

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At that point, I wasn’t able to bring myself to block so I chose to delete my account.

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When it comes to love and breakups, one social media power move that everyone has been involved with, in one way or another, is blocking.

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When we broke up he said "you have no idea how much I care about you" I think I'm still hoping he'll come back and I know this is all hurting me more. Silence speaks volumes. It’s as if you don’t exist on FB to them. Whether. . .

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You mentioned not wanting to bring him pain by his family checking in on him - that’s not on you anymore.

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class=" fc-falcon">Answer (1 of 17): Block him.

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Embrace the hurt for a few days, but move on.

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